How to buy Gazprom shares for an individual: methods, dividends

Experts classify Gazprom shares as one of the most promising assets on the Russian market. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are very popular. Where and how to buy Gazprom shares? This question is often asked by ordinary residents who would like to act as small investors. The main purpose of the acquisition is to generate additional income as a dividend payment. In addition, you can earn money by reselling securities. Today we will learn the methods and draw up detailed instructions for buying shares for an individual.

how to buy Gazprom shares

About promotions

Today, Gazprom shares are at the top of the Russian stock exchanges and are traded abroad. Stock code (ticker) – GAZP.

According to the statistics of the International Financial Reporting Standards, the net income of the gas production giant for 2018 amounted to 1.45 trillion. rubles. This is 100% more compared to 2017.

For many years PJSC Gazprom has been engaged in geological exploration, production, transportation, processing and sale of blue fuel and oil. The company is a major figure in the global (12% of all resources) and Russian (68%) gas production markets.

Gazprom has access to the world’s largest natural gas reserves: 17% of the world’s resources and more than 70% in Russia. This organization is one of the four largest producers in the Russian oil and gas industry.

Gazprom is a giant company, one of the companies that has issued a large number of securities to raise funds. More than 470,000 accounts hold 236,73512,900 shares in a global energy company. More than 50% of securities are controlled by the Russian Federation.

A fourth part belongs to American investors, and more than 24% is owned by other registered persons, including Russian shareholders

Acquisition methods

According to the law, in order to buy Gazprom shares, a person will have to conclude a brokerage agreement with an investment organization. Next, you should adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. After opening a registered brokerage account, you need to put the amount of money that you plan to invest in securities on it.
  2. To buy shares, you need to instruct the broker to carry out this manipulation. You can do this online through special applications or report your decision by phone. Direct appeal is very rare nowadays.
  3. After specifying, money will be debited from the account, and information about your promotions will appear.

You can open a brokerage account in the following organizations:

  • Tinkoff Bank
  • PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”
  • VTB Bank
  • Gazprombank
  • Investment holding Finam
  • Promsvyazbank
  • BCS company

When choosing a reliable intermediary, you should consider the reputation, license and experience of a professional participant in the securities market. One of the main criteria will be the amount of remuneration (commission) that he will receive from the volume of transactions.

Tinkoff Investments

Opening an account in a large commercial bank is enough to fill out an online application on the official website.

Usually this process takes a few minutes, from the documents you only need a passport. After processing the request, the specialists of the credit institution will themselves bring the documents to the specified address in order to sign the agreement.

If the applicant is already a client of the bank, you only need to confirm the intentions with the code from the message that will come to the mobile phone.

After 2 days, the brokerage account will be opened, which the client will learn about from the notification sent by e-mail or mobile phone. You do not need to pay anything before buying shares, the tariff is valid after the movement on the account. The payment for banking services is 99 rubles. per month. It will be possible to buy Gazprom shares through a web terminal; the bank will charge a commission of 0.025% from each transaction.

PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”

Having chosen a credit organization, Sberbank, as an intermediary, opening a brokerage account will not require payment. The deductions to the bank for brokerage services depend on the amount included in the daily turnover. The organization provides a choice of 2 tariffs:

  • “Investment” – 0.3% per day, regardless of how much you purchase the securities of the energy company.
  • “Independent” – 0.6-0.006% of the daily turnover. The lowest interest is given to large investors with a turnover of over 100 million rubles.

A purchase can be made through the Sberbank Investor mobile application or QUIK – for computers and tablets, or you can make an appropriate instruction by phone call. The cost of notification by phone is 150 rubles, starting from 21 calls. Moreover, each transaction is accompanied by the payment of commissions, which depend on the amount spent on the purchase of securities – 2-0.5%.

VTB Bank

To become the owner of Gazprom shares and earn on their growth, it is enough to open a brokerage account in the VTB Internet bank. And in a couple of minutes you can buy Gazprom shares. The maximum commission to the broker will be 0.08%. Its size is directly proportional to the amount you are going to spend on securities.

You can perform transactions and manage investments using a smartphone by installing the VTB My Investments application on it, or by using a voice message by phone (the cost is 99 rubles, starting from the 6th call).

VTB offers several tariffs for the client’s choice with different subscription fees for the turnover on the account. If we consider that a novice investor will spend less than 1,000,000 rubles a day, the brokerage organization’s remuneration will be:

  • Investor – 0.08%;
  • “VIP” – 0.012% with a fixed payment of 20,000 rubles per month;
  • Investor Standard – 0.0413%.
Gazprom shares, purchase methods


One of the largest and most reliable banks offers comfortable cooperation. Having become a client of a bank as a brokerage agent, you can invest by making electronic transactions. For this, the information and trading system GPB-i-Trade is used. With this trading platform:

  • transactions are carried out instantly in real time;
  • availability of up-to-date exchange information online;
  • quick feedback and the ability to consult.

In addition, Gazprombank, as an intermediary, guarantees a high level of security during transactions. The brokerage organization receives commission payments on purchases or sales of shares, including those of Gazprom:

  1. “Standard” – 0.085%;
  2. “Professional” – 0.025% (maximum rate for a turnover of less than 15 million rubles);
  3. “Premium” – 0.017%.


Finam Investment Company JSC represents private investors on stock exchanges on the basis of a perpetual license obtained from the Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russia.

It is easy to buy Gazprom from Finam shares:

  • open a brokerage account by submitting an online application;
  • download and install the FinamTrade application on your phone for free;
  • make a purchase.

When opening an account for free, no fee will be charged for its maintenance if the auction is not held. When buying securities, the interest will be 0.3% of the transaction, and the depository commission will be 177 rubles per month. But regardless of the availability of transactions, there is no subscription fee. An additional advantage at the moment is the absence of commissions for transactions with the Moscow Exchange.


A large state-owned bank acts as an online intermediary between the investor and the stock exchange.

To open a brokerage account and carry out transactions with securities, a visit to the branch is not required. For bank customers, it is enough to log into PSB-Retail, submit an application online and select the desired tariff. If the future investor has not yet been serviced by Promsvyazbank, the direct procedure for issuing papers for brokerage services will have to go through the office of the credit institution.

There is no fee for the fact that the bank opens and maintains a brokerage and depository account. If there is a purchase of securities, the bank will receive remuneration at the rate:

  1. PSB Day – 0.05%
  2. “PSB Month” – 0.08%
  3. “Information support” – 0.15%

You can transfer funds to replenish your brokerage account online, and to withdraw funds you will need:

  • leave a request by phone;
  • via QUIK;
  • using the internet bank.
where can you buy shares

BCS company

To buy Gazprom shares with BCS Broker, you will have to spend 5 minutes to open an account:

  • if you do it online – a scan of your passport, email address, phone number to confirm the seriousness of your intentions and your identity;
  • at the branch – fill out the registration form and wait for a phone call.

You do not need to pay for the opening procedure, as well as for replenishment from a card of any bank.

At the same time, if the amount is more than 4000 rubles, the brokerage company gives a nice bonus – cashback.

Tariff plans of the largest national broker:

  • “Artificial intelligence” – 0.1%
  • “Penny” – the commission is calculated in monetary terms: at least 1 kopeck. with a turnover of more than 10 million rubles, the maximum is 10 kopecks, if the transaction amount is up to 50 thousand rubles.
  • Direct – 0.3, but not less than 99 rubles
  • “Professional” – 0.0177% – 0.0531% depending on the turnover
  • “BCS Driver +” – from 24 kopecks to 1 ruble
  • BCS-Start – 0.0177% – 0.0354%
  • “Margin Turbo” – 0.0195% – 0.0531%

After assessing the advantages and disadvantages, an experienced or potential buyer of Gazprom shares will be able to choose the optimal tariff plan, taking into account the needs and future investment plans.

How much are the shares

The value of securities is not a fixed figure – the price changes daily. Fluctuations in quotes depend on:

  • industry news;
  • the state of the economy of the entire state;
  • events in the global economy.

As of today, at 16:00 Moscow time, the cost of one Gazprom share amounted to 237.58 rubles, which is 22 rubles more than in the previous trading. But, if you decide to buy shares, the minimum amount is required – 2375.8 rubles.

That is how much 1 lot costs, which includes 10 securities, it is impossible to buy one share. Therefore, if you have 9,978.36 rubles on your brokerage account and you decide to spend them on buying shares, you will not be able to buy 42 pieces. It will turn out to purchase 4 lots (40 shares), which will amount to 9503.2 rubles, and the rest of the funds will remain in the brokerage account.


In accordance with the established procedure for payments dividends, shareholders are sent from 17.5% to 35% of net profit. In the absence of formed reserves – 10% according to Russian accounting standards.

The projected dividend yield of shares in 2019 will be 6.2%, which in monetary terms is 12 rubles. At first glance, not much. But, it should be borne in mind that from the point of view of the traditional multiplier (the ratio of the ratio of the organization’s value to the company’s monetary base), Gazprom shares are inexpensive. In addition, the reliability and constant development of a large company guarantees stable payments, as well as their increase in the future.


Before you buy Gazprom shares, think about why you need it? If the purchase is aimed at getting rich quick, then this option will not work. Investing in blue chips guarantees a small but stable income, in this case, thanks to the reliability of Gazprom. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit, the investment in the gas company must be long-term.

Summing up, it would be interesting to know: would you buy Gazprom shares to make your dreams come true?) Express your opinion in the comments! And also do not forget to rate the article, this will motivate us to write new useful articles!